Sunday, May 28, 2017

Laundry and the Sollentuna Stars - Uppsala 86ers U17 Game

Sunday, 28 May, 2017:

I have always liked fresh bread in the morning and so does . . .

. . . my bride Laurie who will be
in Stockholm in only . . .

more days, YAHOO!

I had nothing scheduled this morning which meant a perfect excuse to do laundry and continue reading my latest Nordic Noir novel.

Aiki and I originally planned on an American football double header in the afternoon.

The Arlanda Jets women's
team kicked off at 1:00 p.m.

Their game was being played in Märsta about nine miles to the North of us.

We had a few problems standing in our way.

First, Aiki's community action committee this morning, held just around the corner from our home, lasted much longer than anticipated. We only had about 45 minutes to get to Märsta.

Second, as usual we did not have a car and the busses/trains do not run as frequently on Sundays as they do the rest of the week. This made getting there problematic.

Finally, after the Jets game was over, we wanted to get back in time to see the Sollentuna Stars U17 game about two miles South of our home on the Stars home field starting at 4:00 p.m. We would again have transportation issues on this nice Sunday afternoon.

Final decision?

No Jets game for us today, the Stars game alone would have to provide our much needed American football fix.

By the way, the Jets women's team defeated the Jönköping Spartans today 14-6.

Let's set the stage for our Norra League U17 game. There are a total of four teams in this league, the other two are the Arlanda Jets (3-0) and the Solna Chiefs (0-4).

A reminder that our interest in the Stars U17 program stems from the fact that our Wäsby Warriors club only fields teams at the U11, U13 and U15 levels. A good number of last year's U15 Warriors that I helped coach now play for the Stars U17 team.

Even though their colors have changed, they are still our boys.

The Uppsala team is nicknamed the 86ers because they were founded in 1986.

 3 Wins - 1 Loss
Second Place - U17 Norra League
96 points scored
65 points allowed

1 Win - 2 Losses
Third Place - U17 Norra League
40 points scored
43 points allowed

 Hard running to open the game
by #1 Joel Gyldenstrand 

Nice Cut Back

Calle Boman with the ball

The Stars led 6-0 at the end of one period.

 Great catch by #13 Niklas Sjöwall

#43 Calle Moberg in Hot Pursuit!

86er loose in the open field

Stars on offense playing on the
Skinnaråsens IP's
"Field in a Forest"

Niklas Sjöwall drawing a crowd

Free Safety #54 Elias Öhgren
hustling to the ball

Yes, the Stars' Free Safety is #54.

The 86ers RB was a beast

But he fumbled the ball away twice to the Stars inside the Stars ten yard line!

At halftime, Sollentuna still led 6-0.

Double Team at the point of attack

Good block by Calle Moberg

 Calle Boman trying to get
to the edge

Great hands by Viktor Björkén

 This punt was a good one

Later in this third quarter, a bad long snap on a Stars punt would lead to the 86ers first points of the game on a safety.

The third quarter ended with the Stars hanging on for dear life leading 6-2

Solid tackle by
#21 Kasper Göjeryd

Stars Free Safety aligned about
20 yards off the ball

Fourth and 13 Hail Mary pass
by the 86ers mid-way through
the fourth quarter

Their prayer was answered by
this fine catch

The 86ers would score a TD on this drive but miss their PAT.

For the first time, Uppsala led 8-6.

#18 Dan Talpalar 
One-on-One vs. Uppsala's
best receiver

Swarming to the ball!

Time was running out and the Stars needed a big play NOW! 

 So, Niklas Sjöwall caught a short
slant pass, broke two tackles and
took it about 60 yards all the
way down to the ten yard line


But the Stars still needed to score.

So they hit Niklas Sjöwall
on fourth down with another
slant pass for the go ahead TD!

The Stars defense rose to the occasion on the 86ers last possession forcing them to turn the ball over on downs.

One kneel down and it was over.

Final Score:
Sollentua Stars 12 - Uppsala 86ers 8 

HC Thomas Andersson addressing
a happy group of Stars!

Congratulations to all of the Sollentuna Stars community on hard fought, gritty victory!

Reading Is FUNdamental


Her best book yet in the series and I've still got a bunch more to read.

Seventy-two hours . . .

A Quiet Return Travel Saturday

Saturday, 27 May, 2017:

After a good nights sleep and awakening to a glorious morning in Örebro, I realized that there were only . . .

more days until . . .

. . . my partner in crime lands at
Arlanda Airport which serves the
greater Stockholm megalopolis!

Each day should start with a solid breakfast and that particular meal was included with my stay at the delightful Behrn Hotell.

Swedish pancakes made my morning but I was concerned about a sign on table.

This sign

People waste food?

How is that possible?

 Organic Roofing

I opted to walk the mile to the Örebro Central train station and was treated to a few more pleasant sights in this interesting, lively city.

The tranquil Svartån Stream

The Örebro Slott
built in the 14th-century

 Swedes apparently invented
the current tire flipping workout
mania centuries ago

Of course, tires had not been invented yet, so the locals improvised.

Lots of brick work in Örebro

As expected, the train arrived and left for Stockholm Central right on time. Two hours later I arrived in the Swedish capital none the worse for wear.

The train and bus back to our home in Upplands-Väsby were uneventful and after resting and reading for a bit, Aiki and I were off again!

We wanted to watch the 4:00 p.m. Sollentuna Stars U17 game that featured several players from last year's Wäsby Warriors U15 club.

As a reminder, the Warriors program only fields teams at the U11, U13 and U15 levels.

The game's forested setting was

But nobody was there.

Apparently the game was re-scheduled to Sunday, same time, same place.

We shall return!

We decided to up our daily steps totals by walking the two+ miles home as it was still perfect weather to enjoy a country stroll.

After being completely sated by another hearty dinner created by Chef Aiki, I was done for the day.

She is almost here . . .

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday Night Lights Swedish Superserien Style!

Friday, 26 May, 2017:

My day started my day bright and early but I was secure in the knowledge that . . .

San Gines hot chocolate loving
 Laurie Contreras would be
in Sweden in just . . .


The reason for my 6:00 a.m. wake up was that I needed to be in Stockholm Central train station in time to catch a train that would whisk me away two hours west of Stockholm to the interesting city of Örebro.

And why Örebro you ask?

It was time for the biggest game
of Sweden's Superserien regular
season to date

 Örebro would be hosting Carlstad
at 6:30 p.m.

As you can see by the league standings above, The Black Knights and the Crusaders are easily the two best teams in the 2017 Superserien.

The 5-0 Örebro Black Knights have outscored their opponents by an aggregate score of 264 to 6!

Meanwhile the seven time defending Superserien Champion Carlstad Crusaders were also 5-0 and they have outpointed their opponents by a tally of 245 to 40.

It should be a great game that would be broadcast live to all interested American football aficionados in Sweden!

By the way, Carlstad has won every game between these two old-time rivals since 1999.

But first, I had to get there.

The 565 bus got me near
Stockholm Central with lots
of time to spare

A cool theater appeared while walking the final quarter mile to Stockholm Central.

 Stockholm Central

The boarding process was neat and efficient, I was in Örebro after a comfortable ride exactly on time.

Outside of Örebro Central
train station

Now for the hard part, how to get to my hotel? I knew that it was near the Örebro Slott, so I followed the signs.

The Havana Cafe was tempting

Anybody need a spare chair?

People appeared small in Örebro

The Örebro Slott

It dates from the 14th-century!

Part of the moat

Solid Construction

Random Rampaging Equine

I found my Hotell

Yes, two Ls is correct!

 Game Day Poster
in the Behrn Hotell

I had a few hours to kill, so I asked the lady at the Hotell's front desk for advice on which way to go for a stroll.

 She pointed me in the direction
of Örebro's canal system



The canal's path took me right to Örebro's Wadköping Open Air Museum.

Authentic looking

Brian FitzGerald would have
trouble with the design of
this building

Quaint museum which was gratis

A wooden bowl for son Michael's
Civil war Reenactments

I've been searching for nearly a year and finally found it for him today.

More of . . .

 . . . Örebro's Canal system

Man? Horse? Archer?
An Örebro Slott photo . . .

. . . and another

 A statue in front of Örebro's
City Hall

Careful, HE HAS AN AX!

At 4:00 p.m., I finally got the chance to meet long-time internet friend and Mr. American Football in EuroBall, Roger Kelly, face-to-face for the first time.

He was my ride to the game.

 The Behrn Arena

Jennifer the Black Knights'
Press Relations Liaison

Roger was here to cover the game for his American Football International website and Jennifer really helped us out a lot when we first arrived at Behrn Arena.

 Roger and me

At long last, I met an old friend.


Danny Mitchell and me

Danny is the Carlstad Crusaders OC. He also mentioned to me that he played his college ball at Willamette University.

When queried, he answered "Why yes, I know Brandon Bennett, he was my coach at Willamette."

Brandon was our OUTSTANDING OL/DL in Sicily in 2008 with the Catania Elephants.

In other words, I am so old that I coached a coach's coach.


 Johan Stål and Roger Kelly

Johan has been a great WR/DB for the Crusaders for several years now.

 An estimated 1,900 fans
were in attendance

That is a lot for a EuroBall game.

This choir did a splendid job
singing the Swedish Anthem

Here come the
Carlstad Crusaders!

And here come the home team
Örebro Black Knights!

GREAT beard on Black Knights'
HC Adam Fiddler

Great KO Return by the
Black Knights to start the game

 Good opening drive

Örebro center was a BEAST!

Inside Run Blocking

Airborne Crusader!

For the first of three times in
the opening half, Örebro failed
to score once in the Red Zone

 The Crusaders though would
NOT be denied

 #6 for Carlsbad on the
Dying Cockroach block

Number 6 is Sebastian Johansson, a Swede who played college football at Marshall University and had a tryout with the San Diego Chargers last Summer.

Behrn Stadium has not one but
TWO functioning scoreboards!

As you can see, it was Carlstad in a romp, 34-0.

So much for a competitive game.

 Sebastian Johansson
up close and personal!

The Örebro Slott
at "Magic Hour"

Overall it was . . . 

Finally meeting Roger Kelly was a delight as well.

Five more days . . .